URLs Search Logic - Broad or Exact?

With Rankitor, you can do broad or exact URL searches.

A "Broad" Yes/No switch is found right the URL field (in "Add new" page). 

If set to on, it means a Broad URL tracking (default), else (grayed out) it means Exact URL tracking.

1. Root Domains – If a Root domain (example.com) is input, a Broad tracking will take place. Therefore, all pages under the designated domain will be tracked.

2. A URL (example.com/page), can be tracked Broad or Exact.

If it is a Broad tracking, any URL found under it will be tracked too. For example, example.com/page/anotherpage1.html will also be picked.

If it is Exact tracking: Only "example.com/page" will be tracked and picked.

3. A sub-domain (sub.example.com) will always be tracked as BroadSub.example.com and all pages under it will be found. (For example, sub.example.com/page/anotherpage).

4. Please note that when you enter a root domain, it's sub-domains are tracked as well. For example, if you enter example.com, sub.example.com will also be tracked.

5. You can track Sub-domain URLs, such as sub.example.com/page, by both Broad and Exact tracking.

In the case of Broad searches, any URL that is under it will be tracked as well. As for example, sub.example.com/page/anotherpage.html or sub.example.com/page/whatever.

For an Exact tracking, only sub.example.com/page will be tracked and picked.

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