Simple & Powerful SERP Rank Monitor

From the creators of ProRankTracker - The SEO industry's leading rank tracker

Enjoy the best of both worlds

With its simple interface, you get an easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate tool for a smooth user experience.

Get the reliability and accuracy of PRT, trusted by over 60,000 SEOs worldwide for over 6 years.

How Rankitor Can Help You

  • Rankitor gives you ProRankTracker's years of experience and reliability in an interface that is simple to understand and operate.
  • Start projects for your websites, add keywords to track, and view a snapshot of their rank situation or their daily progress.
  • Rankitor will track your websites' rankings for a keyword automatically every day.
  • We do the job for you - You don't need to manage expensive infrastructure of proxies, servers etc.

What You Can Track

  • With Rankitor you can easily track your rankings on all Google, Yahoo! and Bing sites, plus YouTube and Amazon.
  • You can track organic and mobile results.
  • Google tracking from all locations worldwide, with any set language.
  • Google tracking of GMB "snack pack" (Top 3 map listings) and "local finder" (Top 100 map listings).

Always Be On Top Of Things

  • With Rankitor you are always on top of things automatically!
  • You can set up scheduled reports to be sent to your email address whenever you want to monitor the current rankings.
  • You can set up email notifications, triggered by your websites' rank changes!
  • You can give team members, colleagues and customers a live link to access reports of any project's rankings.