What counts as a Search (keyword combination)?

We have described below how each search count works. This search count information is to help you get the most from your plan.

  • One keyword tracked on one search engine, for one specific URL is one search count. This means that every Keyword/Search-Engine/URL combination is one search count in your plan.


  • Also, each Local combination (different location) that you decide to use, or a Mobile device (other than desktop), is counted as one individual search.


  • There is one exception to this specification - when both organic desktop and “snack pack” are tracked for the same search. Counts as one search only.

No double charge for tracking the same search in various projects

Additionally, we have made exceptions to take into consideration different projects that are using the same searches.

  • We have enabled the system so that you can copy any tracked keywords/searches from one of your projects to any other ones. This addition means that the same searches can appear in different projects, which helps you stay organized and saves you time.


  • Please note that we will not double charge you for this extra benefit. Every search will only cost you one credit, even if it appears in several projects at the same time.

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