Why Rankitor?

We are the company who is behind ProRankTracker.com - The leading SEO industry rank tracker for over a decade.

It is trusted by thousands of agencies, enterprises, SEOs, SEMs and website owners worldwide.

While PRT is an advanced monitoring and reporting tool with an abundance of comprehensive features, we have also received the occasional request for a simpler, more basic interface and features.

We also had requests for smaller packages and entry-level starter plans, affordable for even the smallest starting players.

We took those requests seriously, and we're very glad to announce Rankitor - our solution for simple yet powerful rank tracking.

With a simpler interface and with all the necessary rank-monitoring features, Rankitor is a great choice. If you prefer your tracking platform cleaner and simpler, Rankitor gives it to you with the power and extensive infrastructure of PRT behind the scenes.

We give you monitoring that you can rely on!

If you have any questions, please feel free to