Snapshot Columns:

The Snapshot of a project can give you a quick insight into how you are performing overall.

This information can be beneficial if you have a deadline to meet, or if a client has requested some immediate feedback on their rankings.

Use Snapshots to have a look at your current rankings, compare earlier periods, and look at historical progress charts.

You can download the Snapshot in CSV, PDF, and XLSX formats or share it with a live link.


  • Search – the different search settings, such as the search engine, language, and location.


  • Rank – current rank.


  • Yesterday – the previous rank from one day ago.


  • Week – the rank from one week ago.


  • Month – the rank from one month ago.


  • Volume – If there is a location set, it will show the country level search volume. Otherwise, if there is no location, it will show the global search volume.


  • Trend – You can monitor any trends by consulting the daily rankings graph. These trends can help you adjust your business to convert more sales for yourself and your clients.

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