Why are the Ranks in Rankitor not the same (SERP) as when I check them manually?

In the past, you were able to get accurate results manually. However, Google is constantly changing its algorithms and many factors can now affect your manual checks. These can include the device that you use, Google’s interface language, your location, and even your past search history. All these factors can alter a manual rank check.

Consequently, the results that you receive from Rankitor are 100% accurate and can provide you with essential information for your business or your clients.

How to troubleshoot results

  1. Check that you have entered the keywords and the URL without making any typos.
  2. Double-check that your device, language, and location are all set for manual checks.
  3. If the rank is a new one and has recently changed, it is best to wait for a few days and then check to see whereabout the rank stabilizes. This instability can be because of a recent rollout by Google. All the different data centers for Goggle can show different rankings, so it is best to wait a few days to see the correct ranking then.

Other points to note for monitoring Ranks

  • Whatever mode you are in, for example, ad preview tool, incognito mode, private browsing, etc. Google always applies personalization.
  • Search results are biased by Google, geo-targeting your location (or other factors), and adding other information about you. Especially Google’s first results page for mobile and desktop local searches, snack pack, and videos.
  • If you set your search at a country level, you might be able to check it with a proxy/VPN from the location.
  • Manual remote searches can’t replicate a search from a different city/neighborhood/zip code. Unless you are located at the location that you use in your settings, or if you have a proxy/VPN with your location settings.
  • If you haven’t added a location to monitor the search from, the default country is set automatically by the domain (google.ccTLD).
  • The default country for the Google.com search engine is the US.
  • When you need to monitor ranks on Google.com, for searches from a different country or location, remember to select the right location when adding the URL/keywords.
  • If you want to track a target audience from another country/location, remember to add the location when you add the URL/keywords.

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