Search Volume:

In “Volume” column (Snapshots), you can see the search volume for a keyword.

This figure is the average monthly searches for that keyword.

If the search is geo targeted (has a location setting), it will show the country’s volume.  Otherwise, it will show a global volume.

Google - An exact Google search volume for the selected keyword (Google Keyword Planner).

Bing - Exact Bing search volume. Local for US, UK, France, Germany and Canada (other areas will show the US search volume).

YouTube – Global YouTube estimated search volume.

Amazon - Estimated search volume. Localized country level volume for the correct Amazon local sites.

What is "estimated volume"?

Bing and Google provide exact search volume data. However, Amazon, YouTube, and some other platforms do not give exact search volume figures for keywords.

Consequently, we estimate these figures using clickstream data.

We can't guarantee that our estimates are 100% accurate. But we do give the most precise information available possible, based on high-level data.

*Please be aware that once tracking has been added, Search volume data may take 24 hours to be updated. This process is different from rankings, which can update within minutes.

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